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Serving Michigan Residents Since 1974

Sport Court® pioneered the way for backyard courts in 1974, and hasn’t looked back since. As an official CourtBuilder™ from the beginning, Sport Court® Michigan is dedicated to serving residents in the Great Lake State. 

Second place isn’t an option for us, and we’ll never let our guard down when it comes to being an industry leader. The Sport Court® vision is simple: to be the best in modular sports floor servicing and home court installation. 

Our reasoning? It’s in our character. This is who we are.

We Don't Just Construct Courts — We Build Experiences

Although it's been over 40 years since we first open our doors, our focus hasn't changed: motivating champions by building customizable, affordable and inspirational home courts 

  • Sport Court® and ASBA have both certified our CourtBuilders
  • Who’s your favorite team? We employ custom design experts to make your custom court design dreams materialize.
  • From installation to maintenance, we view ongoing communication between our customer service and project coordination team as a non-negotiable company value.
  • Sport Court® offers nothing less than the best for our customers. Our exclusive game courts honor professional construction processes while using only professional-grade materials.
  • A 15-year warranty in included on all of our surfaces and components.
  • We value quality — period. All of our products are separately tested for consistent quality and performance.